Vegas X casino online gaming platform allows you access to a wide range of excellent casino games. Vegas X features a variety of games for you to choose from, whether you want solo play like slots or the mere fun of a table game like poker.

Using the Vegas X app, you’ll be able to play slots with an unparalleled level of thrill and have your senses tested by games of chance! providing a huge selection of traditional slot machine games with reels from casinos all over the world. Also, you can find the best paying games on Vegas X

You will be in a slot utopia with an abundance of well-liked titles. Locate your preferred slot game through the lobby. Download the Vegas X app on your smartphone, and enjoy big prizes and the excitement of slot machines.

Golden Gamez is dedicated to providing players top-notch gaming experiences to enjoy their favourite games. We provide fully licenced games, meaning the software has been examined, approved, and put into use by qualified professionals to satisfy your gaming requirements.

The primary goal is to provide you with streamlined and functional games that guarantee you can play your favourite slot machines without being overly distracted. Modern slots and multiplayer poker games are the focus of the 

Vegas X gaming system, which is constructed on a secure gaming platform.


  • Click here to play Vegas X from any browser
  • Click here to download Vegas X Apk app for android
  • Click here to download Vegas-X app for iOS
  • Best playing games on Vegas-X – more than 525 game themes
  • more than 450 slots
  • more than 5 keno
  • more than 1 fishing game
  • racing
  • many Roulette and Poker games
  • 2 promotions 

– Match play, where if you contribute an amount (X) the software company will match the same. 

  • Bounce back is where the customer get a certain percentage of amount back 
  • Setup is real easy and simple
  • Can play at store or at home
  • Community jackpots
  • Requires Mapping
  • Some games use FLASH therefore ensure you are using a system that supports FLASH
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