For Distributors

 We know while planning to set up your business in the gaming industry your checklist includes:

  • Single vendor for all your gaming requirements
  • Instantly available distributor  
  • Get points quickly without any long waiting periods
  • The most recent games
  • Unbelievably fair prices

Your search for that ultimate one-stop destination for all your gaming and software needs ends here! 

At Lucky Americans we provide an array of services:

  • Countless numbers of gaming systems
  • Dual point of contact – distributor and technical and invoicing support
  • Quick response – all your queries shall be answered within 24 hours during business  (we usually respond within 12 hours but there can be some delay during rush hours)
  • Points are given within 90 seconds or less (during working hours)
  • Dynamic prices and discounts for volumes
  • Multiple payments options
  • Extended support for all system requirements

 Think no more! Contact us today to get a free consultation

Contact us if you need an authorised dealer, we will be happy to help. 

Already have a dealer? You can still reach us, we are sure to give you better rates and deals!

Find your best-suited options with us:

Tell us about your business’s specifics. We will assist you in identifying the ideal gaming system or systems according to your defined requirements and preferences.

Apply for Gaming System or systems:

Apply for the gaming system or systems which best suit your requirement. Application for any gaming system is free. Once your application is submitted our support team will contact you for further proceedings. Depending on the gaming system(s), the result may take 24-48 working hours. 


There are no charges for getting started, however, some gaming systems do charge deposits for points. In such a scenario, we will email you a detailed invoice listing all details so you can be sure of what you’re buying.

Set up your business and start selling:

Get your hardware and software to complete your setup and begin selling! We  are available to answer your queries before, after, or during setup. Call us or text us for support, and we’ll help.

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